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Mondetta Originals Featured in Where Magazine

Where Magazine featured Mondetta Originals in their "Shops & Services" section. "Everything old is new again–esp...

Mondetta CEO, Ash Modha, Shows Off Originals Sweatshirts on CTV News

Ash Modha was recently interviewed by CTV News' Maralee Caruso about the revival of Mondetta's classic flag sweatshir...

Mondetta CEO, Ash Modha, on Bloomberg

Mondetta CEO, Ash Modha, appeared on BNN Bloomberg to talk about the comeback of Mondetta Originals.

Mondetta Originals Does Pop-Up Event in NYC during New York Fashion Week

During New York Fashion week, Mondetta took over Brooklyn Diamond Coffee House for a Mondetta Originals pop-up shop a...

Winnipeg Free Press: Mondetta Relaunching Famous Flag-fronted Sweatshirts

The Winnipeg Free Press spoke to Ash Modha, Mondetta CEO and founder, about the return of a classic piece of apparel....
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